December 22, 2014

On November 20, 2014 at Westminster Abbey, William Shawcross (Chairman of the Charity Commission for England and Wales, and a British writer and commentator) delivered the following eulogy of Mary Soames.


I sat next to Mary, when she was in her early 80s, at a charity dinner, which boasted a small fun fair. In those days one could still smoke at table and to my delight she lit up a cigar and allowed the ash to lengthen and lengthen and lengthen- a skill in which she had competed with...

December 7, 2014

Check out Brad Tolpannen's recently added blog; (A Winston Churchill Blog) @ the link below! In addition to a Churchill timelines, the site includes tons of photos and videos.




December 5, 2014

Brad Tolpannen is also the author of the new book Churchill in North America, 1929: A Three Month Tour of Canada and the United States. Click on the link below for more info the book!



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" Bradley P. Tolppanen serves as a professor of library services and history librarian at Eastern Illinois University. He earned a bachelor of arts degree in history and political science from the University of Calgary; a master of arts in...