January 25, 2016

“Sir Winston Churchill has died at the age of 90 with his wife Lady Clementine Churchill and other members of the family at his bedside.  He suffered a stroke 15 days ago and gradually slipped into a deep sleep from which he never awakened. Sir Winston died in his London home at Hyde Park Gate.


Earlier in his illness, there had been crowds anxiously waiting for news at the top of the quiet Kensington cul-de-sac - but when the announcement finally came there was only a handful of journ...

November 8, 2014

National Trust Press Release

Day 07 November 2014


Chartwell in Kent is set to open an exhibition commemorating the life and legacy of Sir Winston Churchill this month.


Death of a Hero, which opens on 15 November, looks at the passing and impact of the country’s greatest statesman and war time leader ahead of the 50th anniversary of Churchill’s death in 2015.


Set in the context of his beloved family home in Westerham, the exhibition is a moving and emotive look into the reaction to Chur...

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