About Us

Current Patron: Randolph Churchill
Officers of the Board 
President                          Elisebeth Checkel
Executive Secretary       Robert Chaffee
Treasurer                         Diane Sweet
Vice President                 Jill Wright
Navya Baradi                    Student Competitions
Gabrielle Caouette           Member
Will Randall II                  Member

Current Board Members
Randolph Churchill, Current Patron
Arthur C. Cload
Basil Dean
John M. Flint
Dr. Arnold Lane
Dr. H.D.M. MacPhee
Dr. H.T. Southwood
The Hon. Mr. Justice G.A.C. Steer 
Former Patron:
The Lady Soames LG DBE
Honourary Patrons:
Bruce A. Saville
JR Shaw
Stanley A. Milner
Robert G. Dunn
David Kent
Past Board Members at the 50th Annual Memorial Banquet
Directors Emeritus:
Col. W.H. Ross
Dr. Joe Siegenberg
Charles Marshall

The Sir Winston Churchill Society of Edmonton