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Patron, Board, and Founders 

Randolph Churchill photo.png
Randolph Churchill
Current Patron
Current Patron

Randolph Churchill
Officers of the Board 
President: Will Randall II
Secretary: Elisebeth Checkel 
Treasurer: Craig
Vice President: Jill Wright
Churchill board-21JUN22-57.JPG

Robert Chaffee
David Reed
Richard Dumas
Lucas Robertson

Stan Guszczewski (not in photo)

Honourary Directors   

Charles Marshall 
Valerie Cload                                  

Member at Large

Hugo Young

Current Members of the Board
Past Board Members at the 50th Annual Memorial Banquet
Arthur C. Cload
Basil Dean
John M. Flint
Dr. Arnold Lane
Dr. H.D.M. MacPhee
Dr. H.T. Southwood
The Hon. Mr. Justice G.A.C. Steer 
Honourary Patrons

Her Honour Salma Lakhani
David Kent
Robert Dunn
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